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St. Andrew's Newton Kyme is a small, friendly church, part of the Tadcaster Benefice.

The regular services are:

1st Sunday of each month, family friendly service at 10:00 a.m.

 3rd Sunday of each month, Communion service at 9:15 a.m.

How to find us

From the A659 (Wetherby to Tadcaster) take the turning for Newton Kyme. The entrance to the church is by footpath from Croft Lane.  

We look forward to meeting you at our services!



27/02/18  - Shortly you will receive your Council Tax statements from Selby District Council

A very small part of the tax bill goes to meet the expenses incurred by the Parish Council.

This year for the first time we have produced a 3 year strategic plan which included a detailed review of the (expanded) village needs and likelihood expenditure. Items range from notice boards to grass cutting through to Village Hall transition costs and the web site.

We published this strategy on NKN and the notice boards and web site in order to get feedback which was totally positive and supportive. We then adopted the plan as the basis of our precept submission to Selby.

We also needed to ensure good and affordable governance for our PC affairs which we have done by appointing a new clerk and among other tasks Vivienne is active in overhauling our web site to provide a link to NKN and more involvement and transparency across our little community.

The NK portion of your bill will therefore be increased although as it represents such a small part of the total this increase will be small.

We hope you feel we are spending your money wisely.

Bob Hall, Chair, Parish Council